Monday, May 2, 2016

Swift and the Beaglebone Black – Better together with SwiftyBones

UPDATE:  SwiftBones has been updated for Swift 3.  I have created a new repository that is located here: 

SwiftyBones is a modular Swift library for interacting with both the digital GPIO and Analog pins on the BeagleBone Black.  This library is written to make it easy to write Swift applications that run on the Beaglebone Black that interacts with external sensors, LED or any device connected to the Digital GPIO and/or Analog pins. 

Since SwiftyBones is a modular library you only need to include the functionality required for your projects rather than all of the functionality.  Currently SwiftyBones supports both digital GPIO and Analog however I need to add PWM support soon for my robotics projects that my daughter and I want to work on this summer so you should hopefully see it supported soon as well.

SwiftyBones comes with a script called that will help you build swift projects with multiple files.  This script comes in very handy since SwiftyBones itself contains multiple files. 

There are several example projects (with Fritzing diagrams) included with SwiftyBones to help you get started using Swift and SwiftyBones with your next IoT, Robotic or any other project you are working on with the Beaglebone Black.

Please feel free to send me any suggestions that you may have for this project.  Also please feel free to contribute code especially if you know how to get PWM working with the 4.1+ kernel.

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