Sunday, May 8, 2016

BuddyBot - The Swift robot gets its first upgrades

BuddyBot, the robot programmed in the Swift programming language just got its first upgrades.  The first thing you may notice is I printed out a couple of new trays to hold the components so it looks better.  Secondly I added a MaxSonar_EZ2 range finder so it can detect obstacles in front of it and turn.  Right now it simply turns right when it gets close to an obstacle. 

Here is the new BuddyBot

The following video shows my daughters playing with BuddyBot.

I created a new github page for the BuddyBot code.   

I also just added a component library to the SwiftyBoneslibrary and I used some of those components to build this version of BuddyBot.  You can read about the component library on the wiki page.

I think the next upgrade is going to be a second MaxSonar sensor.  Rather than having one sensor in the center I am thinking about putting two sensors on the front, one on the right and one on the left, so BuddyBot can make decisions on which way to turn rather than always turning right.  This means I will need to print out a new tray that will hold two sensors.


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